The Dronfield and District Natural History Society was formed in 1970 and caters for a wide range of natural history interests. The Society is pleased to welcome into membership the interested beginner and the specialist.



A six monthly programme is distributed to members in November and May.


Outdoor field excursions are arranged in the Dronfield, North East Derbyshire and South Yorkshire areas, during evenings, weekends and mid-week. Some excursions are arranged further afield to the coast and other areas of special interest, as well as to established nature reserves.When this entails the hiring of a motor coach, members wishing to go must pay a deposit by the last meeting prior to the event. This deposit is only refunded at the discretion of the committee .Members' cars are used for most outings and due care should be taken to ensure no damage is caused to the vehicle’s upholstery etc. A contribution, based on excursion mileage, is paid to meet the cost of petrol and expenses. Some excursions and indoor meetings are arranged jointly with other local organisations such as the Sorby Society of Sheffield and the Moss Valley Wildlife Group.


Indoor meetings are held at the Dronfield School (Henry Fanshawe Site, Green Lane) on the first Thursday of each month (except August), when the programme might include an illustrated talk by members or a guest speaker. Other activities include discussions of current projects, informal exchange of ideas and matters of interest.


All members are encouraged to submit records of birds, mammals, insects and plant life in the areas covered by the Ordnance Survey maps SK37 and SK47 . These may be collected during Society outings, private walks or observations in one’s own garden. All this information contributes to the Society’s valuable collection of data. Walks’ leaders usually submit a brief report to the Society of the various species of birds, flowers, mammals or insects observed and a copy of the report can be included in the diary.


The Society undertakes other specific projects from time to time, but members are also encouraged to follow individual interests.


A bi-monthly newsletter is included in the membership subscription. This helps to keep members informed of the Society’s activities and includes recordings of the two months covered. Consequently it builds up a valuable source of information.


Social Events


The Society arranges a Christmas party about mid-December, Annual Dinner in May, Coffee Mornings and a Garden Party during the year.




The Society holds a collection of relevant publications,  which are for the use of members. A list of the books is available, please contact the librarian who currently controls the loans.




The Society also owns a selection of items:

Telescope                      Projector

Bat Detector                  Microscope

Moth Trap                      Meteorological Equipment  

Mammal Traps              Diaries and records

Computer and Printer

Nest boxes (if you wish to construct a nest-box, either for your own use or for the Society, a plan is available).

Should you wish to make use of the items to enhance the Society’s cause, please contact the Chairman or Secretary.                                                                               

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